Automobilmarktforschung aus Detroit: Morpace US (Teil 2)

Im Spätsommer letzten Jahres haben wir unseren “Freund” Dave Emig von Morpace vorgestellt. Mit dem international agierenden Fullservice-Marktforschungsinstitut arbeiten wir seit über 15 zusammen. Der damalige Beitrag war ein (Selbst-)Portrait von Dave, heute lässt er uns hinter die Kulissen des Unternehmens blicken – sozusagen “Inside Morpace“. Viel Spaß beim Lesen…

You may wonder why Morpace research team members are so bubbly, service oriented and happy with their work? Well, it has something to do with the work environment. And in particular it has to do with the founders.

Frank Ward and Valerie Utley founded Morpace in 1975 after having worked in the research field for a number of years. Having worked for a number of companies in Automotive and other sectors, they understood the need for market research and the value it offers to organizations in supplementing marketing and strategic decision-making.

Morpace Gebäude
Die Bürogebäude von Morpace in (im Uhrzeigersinn links oben beginnend) Los Angeles, Shanghai (jeweils eine Etage), Detroit (Zentrale) und London

If you ever stopped by Morpace’s headquarters in suburban Detroit, or any of our other offices in Los Angeles, London or Shanghai, you would notice that we like to work hard and play hard. That mantra follows the beliefs of Frank and Valerie, who have always run Morpace like a family. From a company that started in their minds with a couple of people to an organization of more than 200 full-time employees around the world, there is an understanding that a good work and life balance is important. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed, right?

Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung Morpace Mitarbeiter
Susan Semack (Vice President Health Care Practice) und Dave Emig (Director Automotive Research) an St. Patrick’s Day

So in between pouring over quantitative data, compiling information from automotive clinics and designing visual and colorful reports, we spend some time celebrating the holidays that really matter – you know St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo (Mexican New Year) and Halloween. We’ll play games, have “best costume” contests and partake in sugary desserts of all types.

Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung
Kim Doherty (Director Automotive Research, links) und Carrie Wolschläger (Rezeption) bei der jährlichen firmeninternen Halloween-Party

We’ll have contests where employees will enter raffles to win tickets to Detroit Tiger baseball games, our professional baseball team that has now been in the playoffs four straight years. Our Shanghai office celebrates the Chinese Moon Festival with special events and activities for the staff. In London, there is nothing like taking a break to watch the next biggest football match in the English Premier League and in Los Angeles, well, there is a lot to enjoy when it is sunny and 80 degrees Fahrenheit every day!

We also create our own special events to engage staff and ultimately have fun.  We have a yearly Chili Cook-off, Alma Mater Spirit Week, and Ice Cream Socials as a way for the staff to visit with each other outside of talking just about work. Our T.E.A.M. group of employee volunteers is charged with finding new fun events.

Qualitative Marktforschung
Morpace-Mitarbeiter im Rahmen eines Charity Events, wo sie Lebensmittel für bedürftige Menschen verpackten und verschickten, aber auch ausgaben

While we enjoy making work fun and building camaraderie, we also try to help the community. Each year our employees individually, and Morpace as a company, support numerous national and local charities. We hold more than 20 “jeans days” each year where the company matches employee donations. We have raised thousands of dollars for such organizations ranging from the American Cancer Society to local Boys and Girls clubs. Charitable organizations that are supported are suggested by employees.

GIM Marktforschung
Zwei Mitglieder des Morpace Softball Teams

So we work hard, we play hard and we recognize the value of supporting our community. It has been part of the Morpace culture since the company was formed nearly 40 years ago. And we’re proud to be a part of it!

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